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[P] Books listed by Author: last name, first name

Parr, Jack

I Kid You Not

1959 Little Brown and Company (1959)
Hardcover VG/no dust jacket,
First Edition


Patton, David;
Glasgow, Cheryl

As It Was Told To Me - The Strauss Tapes

1978 Elysian Fields Publishing (1978)
Paperback, VG
Autographed Softcover


Perkins, George E

Pioneers of the Western Desert;: Romance and tragedy along the Old Spanish or Mormon Trail and historical events of the

1947 Wetzel Pub. Co (1947)
Hardcover VG/VG, 103 pages,
Signed First Edition, Geographic Titles


Peters, Margot

House Of Barrymore, The

1990 Knopf (1990)
Hardcover VG/VG, 641 pages,
394553217 First Edition, Biography


Picken, Mary Brooks

The Mary Brooks Picken method of modern dressmaking,

1925 The Pictorial review company (1925)
Hardcover VG/no dust jacket, 96 pages,


Pieper, Jeanne

The Catholic Woman: Difficult Choices in a Modern World

1994 Lowell House (1994)
Hardcover VG/VG,
156565157X Signed First Edition, Religion


Plimpton, George

The Bogey Man

1968 Harper and Row (1968)
Hardcover VG no dust jacket,
Signed First Edition


Plummer, George Winslow

A masonic compendium to the sacred books and early literature of the East,: Being a digest of all allusions to the antiq

1918 Oriental foundation (1918)
Hardcover VG/no dust jacket, 67 pages,


Pollack, Harvey

Transistor Theory and Circuits Made Simple

1980 Ameco Corp (1980)
Paperback G/ former owners name written on the cover,
912146079 Magazines & Paper Ephemera


Potter, Beatrix

Peter Rabbit's Storytime Collection

2001 Frederick Warne (2001)
Hardcover VG/no dust jacket, 368 pages,
723247447 Children's Books


Pratchett, Terry

The Colour of Magic

1983 St Martin's Press
Hardcover VG/VG,
Book Club Edition


Price, Matlock

The A. B. C. of Architecture

13028 E.P. Dutton & Company, NY Second Edition, September 1935
Hardcover VG/no dust jacket,


Purcell, Roy

The Wayfarer: Poetry and etchings

1975 Celestial Arts (1975)
Paperback VG
890870071 Autographed Softcover


Puzo, Mario

Fool's Die

1978 G.P. Putnam & Sons (1978)
Hardcover VG/VG,
Signed First Edition